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  • We try our best to keep The Lodge as eco-friendly as possible, but we know as well that there is always room for improvement. Step by step we keep trying to lower our environmental impact and we hope for your support on this important topic during your stay.


    Solar heated water:

    We make the most of Portugal's biggest and cleanest energy source, the sun, and use solar power for our hot water as well as for the swimming pool and whirlpool. Gas will only be used as additional assistance on these rare overcast days to make sure you get your hot, well deserved shower.


    Our own well:

    The Lodge has its own fresh water well, which is filtered to drinking water quality.



    As much as possible we will buy our ingredients locally, supporting local farmers and avoiding long distance transport. Like this you will find only the freshest and most tasty products on your plate.


    Wood-fired sauna

    Our sauna is fired with wood, thus using a renewable resource and the open fire adding to this special sauna feeling.


    Garbage Recycling

    Waste separation is for us a matter of course.

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