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  • Get the most out of your trip and use our guides‘ local knowledge. Our guides will accommodate your wished according to your level of fitness and skills, and can give you technical advice if you want. Our tours will lead you along the rugged Atlantic coast with its steep cliffs and into the heart of the Serra de Sintra with its dense and diverse vegetation, deep valleys and exposed hilltops; breathtaking views are guaranteed! We offer half and full day tours, and you can choose to pedal or be shuttled.

    Our shuttle service is also available without a guide.

  • Total independence: our GPS units contain a vast number of tours for all levels. Grab one, select a trail, and go for it!

  • All you want are drops, jumps and stone fields, the steeper the better. We got it, we have it and we’ll show you.The Serra de Sintra, at the doorsteps of The Lodge, rises up to 529 m (1736 ft) and allows for great downhill rides from the top of green mountains straight to the shores of the deep blue Atlantic ocean But…. only with complete protection gear! This is your holiday and lying injured in a sun lounger while the others are sending is not the plan. The downhill tracks of the Serra de Sintra are rooty and rocky, with narrow passages and very steep sections. All teams and pros who have visited us have been pleasantly surprised by what has been built in this forest. It’s an extensive bike park without lifts but with a shuttle service instead. Come and send it in Sintra!



    You know how to ride, you know your skill level and you know what you want. In our experience, the best thing is to just start riding; we will show you a few trails and then you can decide what you want. Many of the trails are easy to combine and always have a chicken line. Ascents can be designed to be short and hard or longer and easy as you wish. If you are looking to learn or improve specific techniques, please let us know in advance so we can get prepared. Shuttle service is possible at an extra charge.

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