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  • The 1 hr evening Yoga sessions focus on restoring your energy by relaxing your muscles and calming your mind after an action packed day.


    The evening Yoga class will be held before dinner, and is optional for participants of the other sports packages.


    Private Yoga Session:


    No matter if you want to take your Yoga to that next level, or you want to learn about certain excercises to improve your surfing/ climbing/ mountainbiking, a private one-on-one 1 hr Yoga lesson is the solution.

  • The 1,5 hrs morning Yoga sessions have the dynamic approach of the Vinyasa-Yoga. Asanas focusing on balance, stretching and strength will form the center of this lesson. Our experienced Yoga teacher will guide you through the flow of postures so you can develop a better body awareness and flexibility as well as prepare your mind for the day.


    As most of our other sports packages start in the morning as well, the morning Yoga class cannot be guaranteed for participants of these packages. However, you are free to take a day off from "your" package and join the Yoga class instead.

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